Becky M Cox Counseling

Becky M Cox, MA, MAFP, LMHC

Ms. Cox is a goal-directed clinician that believes in a solution oriented approach to therapy. She is highly influenced by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which emphasizes the importance of thoughts and actions in our mental health.

She has been told consistently throughout her years of having a private practice that she is a highly approachable person who can “say it like it is” while making others feel comfortable in their situation and process of healing. She believes wholeheartedly in seeing life from her client’s perspective and to help them to make meaning and sense out of what is going on around them at which time they can become empowered to make the changes that they choose to live the best life full of purpose and meaning.

She believes in every person’s ability to walk into her office and someday walk out fully redeemed from their hopelessness, restored from their brokenness and blessed with their new way of being. To achieve this goal she pulls from many different aspects of a client’s life making sure each is aspect is whole and balanced.

What to Expect in Therapy with Shawn Von Bargen

Shawn is a solution oriented counselor that strives to find ways to help improve each of his clients life’s situations.  This means that as a clinician Shawn believes not only can one improve their life, but that he takes each session as their own unique experience choosing to go wherever the client needs to go at that time.  Shawn frequently utilizes Cognitive Behavioral techniques in therapy that help to emphasize the impact and importance of our feelings, thoughts, and actions.

As a relationship counselor Shawn emphasizes the importance of our friendships with one another.  This means as a couple in therapy Shawn focuses on ways of increasing both a couple’s  intimacy and communication through various techniques and tasks that help redefine and restructure the relationship’s needs.

Overall Shawn’s goal as a therapist is to be a listener, a sounding board, a brainstormer, a motivator, or an explorer that comes along with you on your journey to bettering your life. For more information visit Shawn’s website by clicking here.